Photography // Video Production // Graphic Design

A picture is worth a thousand words and video is worth even more. In 2017 Video generated 1200% more shares than text. Rich content generation will play a key part to any ongoing digital and social media promotional endeavours. Video allows the viewer to have a rich visual experience and can clearly convey complex concepts in a concise manner. In addition to that, the use of subtitled video allows the viewer to enjoy the information without disturbing others.

Problem Solving // Critical Thinking

Developing a strategic marketing plan is a complex puzzle with billions of human variables. The study of behavioural science, statistics, and psychology can help serve as a guide for consumer behaviour. Even with all these resources a curveball will inevitably arise which may call for some critical thinking and an extra large pot of coffee. It's at times like these that an open mind can aid in finding a solution that may not have been considered previously.

Website Development // Management // Maintenance

Your company's website is its digital store front, one that is likely the first way people will interact with the company and product. With the globalization of markets and the proliferation of e-commerce, global markets await on the opposite side of the screen. A well maintained website helps build brand loyalty by providing the consumer with reliable information they can trust. High ranking sites with relevant up to date content and an easy-to-navigate user interface are of critical importance in today's modern market place.

Public Speaking // Presentation

When it comes to interpersonal communication 90% of the information exchanged is non-verbal. Most of what the listener takes away from an interaction is derived from the body language, tonality, and inflection of the speaker. The mastery of public speaking via effective non-verbal interaction can make the difference between closing a sale and closing up shop. Public speaking, once mastered, provides the ability to command the attention of crowd, gain their trust and truly get your message across. This skill set is an invaluable tool in a marketer's arsenal when it comes to building brand loyalty and long term customers.

Social Media Strategy // Digital Marketing

There are currently over two billion Facebook users. That's more than 25% of the world's population. The time where one could dismiss Social Media as the preserve of the college student is long gone. Users are constantly plugged into their phones. Interaction with them via pre-installed Social Media platforms gets you access to their attention. Using this existing medium saves time in app development and production costs by utilizing an established infrastructure that is at their finger tips 24/7. This means that strategic utilization is a key element in today's marketing mix, thus turning casual users into potential customers through timely responses and engaging content generation.


I am a marketer, photographer, designer, cinematographer, and all-round tech aficionado. When it comes to picking up new skills or hobbies I try to immediately apply my knowledge to practical use in order to truly learn the skill.

I went and applied this attitude while at MacEwan University where I finished my degree in 3 years by taking as many courses as I was able. Even with this daunting academic work load, and managing two small businesses I was able to finish my degree with Dean’s list standing.

In the past few years I have refined my skills in the digital and social media marketing world. I have also learned to express myself creatively through photography and video: transferring these skills into the professional facet of my life by creating corporate videos for PURE Canadian Gaming as well as assisting on the production and the social media launch of the award-winning, mini-documentary series John and Pat, starring Patrick Roach and the late John Dunsworth of the Trailer Park Boys.

I can often be found as the main host of art events such as Art Battle and RAW Artists throughout Edmonton. I have also created, developed, hosted, and performed in the Jokers Gone Wild comedy series. This series has featured acts like K. Trevor Wilson from Letterkenny, Trent McClellan from This Hour Has 22 Minutes and countless Just For Laughs performers.

For the past few years I have worked as a Marketing Manager for a large group of casinos. In this capacity, I oversaw all social media efforts from content generation, scheduling and strategic development, to ad generation and post campaign evaluation. During this time I grew the company’s Facebook followership by over 15,000 and Instagram by more than 10,000.

In addition to managing social media presence, I was also responsible for maintaining seven different websites, working with Google Analytics, implementing SEO best practices and directing email marketing campaigns. Most recently I managed the relaunch of the PURE Rewards loyalty card to more than 50,000 members across 3 different cities.


Skill Set

Photography // Video Production // Graphic Design 90%
Problem Solving // Critical Thinking 90%
Website Development // Management // Maintenance 85%
Public Speaking // Presentation 90%
Social Media Strategy // Digital Marketing 95%